Helping People Who Have Assets

This seems to be the right question to ask for my first blog.  Simply put I help people who have assets and pay lots of money in taxes learn how to double their assets and reduce their tax by up to 50% within the first year so that they can either increase their net worth, increase their bottom line, or just put more money into their bank account.

The question is how do we do this?

The simplest answer is through education. You see all my clients are taught the rules of their assets and how those assets work in the three stages of that asset’s life cycle.

In order to accomplish this we have to take a few steps backwards to understand some basic rules or I think better suited is the term guidelines.

The funny thing is the English language can be very complicated to learn and understand for even those who have always spoken English. You see there are very few languages that when you have one word spelled the same could have multiple meanings and depending on the context of how that same word is used changes the meaning as well.

This is simply not fair when you are trying to understand how to do a particular thing, whatever that thing is.

So taking a few steps back to make sure both parties (you and me) are on the same page is beneficial in the educational process.  You see we want to empower you to grow your assets but we understand that you may not want to actually seize the full power of that control but want to understand what the professionals you hire are actually doing.

We do not fear this we actually embrace the power while at the same time understand that when you hire my firm you are saying I understand what you told me and have confidence in you to accomplish what you said you can do.

If you do not feel this then it makes no sense to proceed in hiring us until you have that understanding.

This is why we don’t sell our clients on anything, they, you make the decision to move forward with the acquisition of assets because we have taken the time to help you understand what the purpose of your assets have.

You see having a purpose is what we as individuals strive for to reach that moment of fulfillment which can take each of us our own timeline.  Many of us may not ever feel we have reached that point but through our process, you will be educated so that the knowledge you have been empowered with can help you proceed with building the assets you so desire to have.

So we begin at the beginning.

Here are the 3 questions we will attempt to answer

  • Why do I need to build assets and become an Asset Builder?
  • How do I build assets in a way that is beneficial for me?
  • What is the right approach to build these assets?

Thank you for reading my blog and get ready for an educational ride you have always wanted to be on…

Thoughts and notes:

  • What is an Asset?
  • What kinds of Assets are there?
  • What are the Rules to these Assets?
  • What are the events that eat away or devalue these assets?
  • How do I build assets to attempt to prevent these events to create harm?
  • Cashflow Quadrant
  • Richest Man in Babylon
  • What is Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant?

You can watch my video explaining the Cashflow Quadrant or continue to read below.

There are four parts to the Cashflow Quadrant, E, S, B, I.

In the upper left of the quadrant, you have the “E” quadrant which stands for Employee.

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